About This Project

Focusing on the psyche-soothing side of my artistic practice, these paintings reflect formal, aesthetic, and spiritual concerns.

My painting process is a form of meditation, an opening up of myself to what is in the moment. The forms that appear as I apply paint guide me.

Intuitive layerings of paint become images that resemble natural phenomena. There are hidden meanings in this evocative ordering of color and form.

Whether the viewer sees aerial landscapes, or cave interiors or close-ups of microbes, these paintings go beyond associations with the known. The forms prompt a slowing down of mental chatter as the work makes itself felt, calling forth archetypal experiences, becoming expressions of the mysterious, and alluding to the collective unconscious. Each image is a potential gateway to the inner self.

As painter, I act as conduit, seeking to express the ineffable. From macrocosm to microcosm, these forms echo a search for spirituality in our soul numbing times.